I learned how to dance with someone shooting at my feet. It’s the fastest way to learn. Nervous, erratic dance moves. Twitchy, robotic. You can feel the beat and move, but you can never reach deep and create when you’re fearful. You can’t love dancing when you’re blocking your ears. I’m grateful for those swift bullets, I suppose. They didn’t teach me how to love what I was doing, but they introduced me to a beautiful art form. Learning how to love it has been a new journey, a fresh adventure. This is all an analogy for how I learned how to cast metal, how to grind steel. It was an attempt to supplement an ailing income in a downer economy and I had to learn fast.

That was three years ago, in a different city and a life we’ve recently left behind. We’re now dancing along the Wild Coast, slipping in and out of the Indian Ocean, swirling up the Gqunube River on the pushing tide. We make custom Chef’s Knives in a studio just up the hill from the Sea, through groves of  indigenous Woods. Sylvan & Sea. It’s here that I’ve discovered that the best opportunity for building, healing, loving, laughing and creating – is around our family dinner table every evening. Eating meals together. It’s a daily ritual and one worth defending. Breaking bread with full or broken hearts. Our journey has seen both conditions, and more. We’ve had to be brave.

Starting our Chef’s Knives business has been a graceful dance. Adventure, Anticipation. Movements across the sanding belt are Tai Chi. Grinding steel is a line dance at first, getting rid of the rough bits – and then a Tango at the finish, intimate and careful. We create carefully – a sculpted bronze mermaid, a reclaimed hard wood handle, tempered and ground surgical steel blades…slow and considered. It’s the same with preparing food. You can’t create meals amidst  distractions and demands shooting at your feet. We make Chef’s Knives for the brave cooks who enjoy the dance, who cut the noise, who honour the time, who hold fast to the ritual and art form and who treasure the outcomes.

It’s a long road, this Great Journey we all share: the many steps you’ll take over your life time between kitchen fires and expectant tables. This is where new friends are made, old friends are reconciled to us, where families either argue passionately or sit quietly together. Defending all this is sacred and requires much bravery. We make Chef’s Knives to help you along the way.

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