What materials do you use?

All our decorative pieces are hand cast using the lost wax casting process. We cast in bronze, and sterling silver. We source reclaimed African hardwoods for our knife handles (there is a rich history that comes with this wood, and allowing it to live on in your hands is a legacy we’re proud to be part of). We source surgical grade steel (N690), and control the steel hardening process ourselves. Should you request a customised knife with your own specification, please allow time for CITES clearance of exotic woods, where necessary.

What guarantees do you place on your knives?

We guarantee our workmanship for life. Along with your knife, we’ll include some guidance on the things you’ll need to do to care for your knife, too.

How long will it take to make my knife?

We begin crafting upon confirmation of order. Because of our order log, average turnaround time is 6 – 8 weeks. We will be sure to communicate a precise timeline with you in advance, especially if you’re purchasing the knife for a specific delivery date. Our knives are unique, rare, and carefully hand made… if you’re ordering one for a specific gift date please allow enough time (*To be safe, allow an average additional 8-10 days shipping time, dependent on where you are in the world).

Your knives seem expensive, why?

We’re likely to increase our prices in the near future.
Currently, we have set our price based on the high end surgical grade steel we purchase, the artistry and materials involved in our sculpture process, and the considerable time it takes an artisan to hand grind and carefully finish a knife.
It’s a great reward for us, knowing you’ll be using your knife so often to prepare food – and that Sylvan & Sea Chef’s Knives are crafted to last your lifetime.

What payment methods do you use, are they secure?

We are currently establishing an online payment system, but for now we will request transfer of payment when you make your order, via a direct deposit to our bank account. Once these funds have cleared we will proceed with your order.

Is your shipping cost included in the price?

No, shipping and any special insurance you might like to add, is an additional cost to you. (We are based on the Wild Coast of South Africa, and packages average less than a 1 KG). Once we have consulted with you initially, we’ll establish a shipping cost based on your order & location, and add it to the invoice.

How can I trust you’ll follow through on my order?

Because we are a small studio, we have the great benefit of personally including buyers in the progress of their knife. It’s such a fun element for us. We’ll keep you up to date, send you an image here and there, let you know how it’s going. If you order a knife, we’d like you to join us for the entire Journey. In this way, we’ll get to know each other from the outset… and I guess knowing helps with trusting.